A mile-long park in Denver, Colo., has become a place where the past meets the present, reflected in four public art installations created by Walczak & Heiss called markers.

markers reflects what the area has meant to current and past residents of the Clayton and Cole neighborhoods, where the park is located. All of the pieces provide opportunities for observers to interact with them. Each is distinctive but all four feature a red-orange color that subtly unifies them. They also share the common function of marking something in the site – a direction, a piece of history, or a personal connection. Inspiration for the pieces came from a variety of sources, from historical research to direct input from community members. 

Metalwork by DiBello Metal Designs
Photography by Wes Magyar
Tractrix Horn design by Erik Forker
Foundations by Two Brothers Concrete
Installation by Junoworks
Landscaping by High Steppe Landscapes