This sculpture consists of two metal horns that resemble larger than life megaphones. The familiar form invites visitors to come closer and explore. Positioned across from each other and separated by a field, the megaphones allow people to speak to each other at a distance. A German engineer consulted on the project so that even a quiet whisper would be amplified and projected through space. At once reminiscent of playful childhood games, Conversation also points to the critical contemporary dialogue on race. Inscribed on the surface of each horn are references to two important court decisions in Denver concerning race–Clayton v. Hallett (1898) and Dunbar v. Clayton (1969). The earlier case specified founding principles for Clayton College, establishing it as a school for orphaned white boys. In the second case, the discriminatory nature of the school was successfully challenged.

Tractrix Horn design by Erik Forker
Images by Wes Magyar