The works explore the evolving significance of the Clayton and Cole neighborhoods, the area that is home to the park, to residents past and present. All of the works are interactive and allow visitors to engage with each piece. Though each work is unique, they all share the same distinctive red-orange hue. They are also grounded in their connection to the site—whether it be by marking a direction, referencing local history, or embodying community connections. markers was inspired by a diversity of sources, including the local community and historical research.

The four sculptures are:


Each sculpture has a learning activity associated with it:

whereami activity
flood activity
zephyr activity
conversation activity

Flood information by David Bennetts of MHFD
Foundations by Two Brothers Concrete
Installation by Junoworks
Landscape architect Mark Wilcox
Landscaping by High Steppe Landscapes
Laser Cutting, Bruce Zieber at Trexler Industries
Metalwork by DiBello Metal Designs
Neighbor Fred Glick
Photography by Wes Magyar
Proposal Design team Carl Skelton
Rudi Cerri & Michael Chavez of Denver Public Art
Site project manager Brian Freeland
Structural Engineer John Migliaccio
Tractrix Horn design by Erik Forker